Enter Self - Awaken In Agony (Lost Disciple Records) - Back
I can't say how much I love classic death metal. Enter Self is another one of those bands that Lost Disciple Records has on its label. The bands latest release is called "Awaken In Agony," and their sound is like a cross between the best of the classic death metal bands, including Deicide and Suffocation. Its very cool brutal music. Every song gets your head banging, and it makes you wish you were in a mosh pit. There are 10 tracks on this CD, and it last over 38 minutes. My favorite songs on this CD are "Clandestine Fear," "Self Demise," and "Putrid Recollections." I don't know what it is with the song "Self Demise," but I think its probably the best death metal song I have heard this year. I mean its really nothing special, but it has some awesome catchy riffs, and the lyrics of the song are great, and the chorus is awesome!! If you like the classic death metal sound you will like this CD, Enter Self have their band going in a great direction.

Rating: 86