Enter VI - Dreams (ATS Records) - Back
Here is Enter VI full length CD "Dreams." It is pretty much like the previous demo, except that this does have a little better production. Even though the production was more polished, this CD did sound more rough, which neither hurt, nor made it better. They still do sound like old Metallica, "Kill'em All" era. But now it seems that they have the roughness of Deceased. So they may appeal more to the late twenties and thirties generation. The 80's type metal. I like to consider them the Australian answer to Metallica. Enter VI seems to pick up where Metallica left off after the death of Cliff Burton, but if Metallica turn in the less polished direction. I like quite a few songs on this CD, they include "Battle VI," "Day Of Doom," "Hexed," "Passed Realized," "Terrorphobia," and "Onslaught Server." A total of 10 tracks and 37 minute are on this CD. If you like metallic 80's metal this one is for you.

Rating: 83