Entombed - Uprising (Sanctuary Record Group) - Back
Within the last few years Entombed has done some experimenting leading them in a different direction then their roots. "Uprising," the latest full-length by this Swedish quintet, takes the best aspects of both their roots and their experimental music together to put out a surprisingly good CD. They seem to be a blues influenced death metal band these days, with some riffs that sound like the days of "Left Hand Path" or "Clandestine" and also some that have the groove catchy sound like a Clutch or a stoner rock band. So basically "Uprising" should be a CD that all metal fans will enjoy. "Say It In Slugs" and "The Itch" are my favorite songs on this album, I can't say which one is the best because they are both really good and they leave a size fifteen boot impression on your ass. "Won't Back Down" and "Returning To Madness" are two other songs on this CD that pack some punch. A couple more songs that were pretty decent are "Come Clean" and "Words." They might not have the punch of the previous four songs mentioned but they are still good. The sound of the fifteen tracks on this CD basically jump around from death to a blues metal, every song basically has its own feeling. And with over fifty-three minutes of music to listen to, it assures you that there will be something every metal fanatic will like. If you were turned off by Entombed's last few releases give the band another shot. Even though it isn't "Left Hand Path" or "Clandestine" it is definitely a good album, and maybe their best since their early days.

Rating: 89