Entombed - Inferno/Averno (Threeman/Candlelight Records) - Back
Swedens' finest metal quintet is back with their follow-up to 2002's "Morningstar" with a much more rockin’ effort with "Inferno/Averno". This 2004 release sees the band experimenting more and more with groove riffs and spellbinding Slayer-ish style death n roll. It seems to me that since "Wolverine Blues", they've craved a more hard rock approach. While Entombed still retains an essence of their early releases, Entombed have progressed into something much bigger. Utilizing their powerful riffs with a muddy production wouldn't necessarily make this a stellar progressive release, rather it has an old-school sound with a new-school attitude. It's good, oh yeah.... it's not bad at all, but it's still no "Clandestine" or "Left Hand Path"!! So if you're sights are set high on old-school Entombed death metal, this is not what you'll get. However, there is very little these guys can't accomplish.... "Inferno/Averno" is still a very worthy listen!

Rating: 78

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell