Entombed - Unreal Estate (Threeman/Candlelight Records) - Back
Sometimes seeing a band live can really show you what they are all about, and Entombed is no different. “Unreal Estate” may not be the first live album from these Swedish legends, but this one stands out. This is a successful live album, not surprisingly, even more so than “Monkey Puss: Live in London.” Their original songs were taken and specially re-arranged for this 45-minute concert. Don’t ask me how or why they decided, but they were lucky enough to have recorded this live CD at the renowned Royal Opera House in Stockholm, Sweden. The majority of the tracks are from “Uprising” and “Morningstar” albums. Among my favorites on this disc including “Chief Rebel Angel,” “Say It In Slugs,” “Night Of The Vampire,” “Something Out Of Nothing,” …really, it’s probably just about everything. It’s a pretty good selection. There was a few tracks that I wish was on this disc, but I understand that they can’t play everything in one live show. The only thing to nitpick is the amount of interludes between songs, once again a limitation of a live show. They need time to tune their guitars or switch them. “Unreal Estate” is grand recording…tons of energy, and inspiring. A must for any Entombed fan!

Rating: 87