Entombed - Left Hand Path (Earache Records) - Back
This release is truly a classic Swedish Death Metal album! Lower tuned guitars (I think B or C-tuning) make this sound much heavier. The production was not bad everything seems to mix in properly so no complaints there. It is too bad that Entombed doesn't play this kind of music any longer. I'd say pick up this release and "Clandestine" their follow-up album.

Vocals are low not much variety (i.e. not many screams) but still it fits the music well. I think that the best part of this release is the guitar riffs. They are heavy and unrelenting plus the solos were quality too by both Uffe and Alex. I remember when this came out I definitely played it out! To me, all the songs are unique.

Even though this not my favorite style of this genre (Death Metal) overall I really enjoyed the vocals, guitars, and drums. There were not that many Swedish Death Metal acts that I particularly enjoy but this is definitely a classic release.

I really like the tone to the guitars. . But overall this band plays some awesome Swedish Death Metal. As I said before everything meshes in perfectly thanks to Tomas Skogsberg.


Reviewed By: Death8699 - http://www.death8699.com/