Enthrallment - Smashed Brain Collection (Grindethic Records) - Back
The classic death metal style used by Enthrallment was forged back in 1998. Over the years their music has developed into what you hear on their latest disc “Smashed Brain Collection.” With an album named as such, it shouldn’t be too farfetched that they play brutal death metal with a good beat, and are akin to bands like Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Deicide, and Six Feet Under. You will be surprised how easily the catchy riffs flow from this band’s instruments. I enjoy it quite a bit! I’m sure these catchy, hard-hitting, brutal riffs get the pits going during their shows. I can feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins! I love the main aggressive riff about a minute into “Experiment With You.” It reminds me of haunting Deicide riffs. Besides the brutal riffs, what else does a death metal band need? Yep, you guessed right…blast beats and guttural death vocals! Enthrallment has both of those elements represented quite well. I guess there is only one thing to criticize…the production is mediocre, not really bad, but not really good either. Things could be a little bit more crisp and a little less demo sounding. For example, the drums sound like they were recorded in the back of the room; they are distant. The double bass drums are cheapened to a pop similar to caps going off in a toy gun. They only make a little bursting sound. If the bass was pulled out of them more, this album would hit even harder than it already does. But as long as you’re a person that doesn’t have to have a crystal clear perfect recording in order to like a band, then you should be fine with this. It adds some grittiness. The riffing usually will grab most of your attention anyhow, so it’s not like the quality of the production will sidetrack you. One final thing, the last tune on the record, “Awaiting The Death,” has a video filmed for it and it’s included on the CD-Rom section of the album. There are also live videos included on there too. The track list for “Smashed Brain Collection” is comprised of nine tracks that reach over the thirty-one minute mark. Enthrallment has gotten my attention!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins