Estuary - To Exist And Endure (Ibex Moon Records) - Back
Many death metal bands these days try make themselves standout amongst the growing numbers. Estuary makes an example of those bands with this album in how they make music. It’s straightforward death, without any extras. Extras seem to ruin more bands these days instead of helping. I’d say this disc is melodic, technical death metal in the vain of Oppressor, Deceased and Kataklysm. Some people might say they have a little thrash and a little black metal in their songs. Vocals are a traditional death style from a female vocalist, Zdenka Prado. She is another woman with the intensity of Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy, have no doubts she can growl with best. The ten tracks last for about forty-two minutes and it stays mostly at an aggressive tempo. They manage to play well together on their instruments and they create catchy, brutal, and fast riffs. “To Exist And Endure” includes and intro and an outro, the other eight tracks are regular songs. In general, the songs have powerful riffs with lots of energy, memorable melodies and a drums set that takes tons of abuse. It was hard for me to figure out what I liked the best, the majority of tracks show how you should approach death metal. “Of Weakening Stone” can wake you from your grave and “Soul Scarred,” “Woven Denial” and “Riding the Tides of Malice” will give you full jolts. This Cincinnati, Ohio band is bound to break some heads and take some names!!

Rating: 78