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Event Horizon’s Naked On The Black Floor is best described as aggressively ambient. The album’s sound is as dark and menacing as the title implies. To accomplish this, Event Horizon has fused the common attributes of both industrial and power metal in a way that is as palatable as it is unique. One could say that it is the combination of polar opposite metal styles that create a densely layered sound that fans of progressive metal can appreciate along with die-hard fans of industrial metal.

The lyrical content of this album ranges from questions of faith to the inability to connect with one’s own mind. Each song and concept flows seamlessly into the next, giving the listener a feeling of normality while new elements continue to surprise and enthuse the listener. Other than the occasional spoken or whispered vocal line, the vocals are sung in the upper register. However, rather than focusing on pure melody, the singer fuses his powerful vocal range with aggressive screams that emphasize the mood of each song. Otherwise, the vocal style is very much traditional power metal.

Complex keyboard lines create a feeling that is out of this world, sometimes ambient, sometimes simply contributing to the feeling of inescapable darkness which the concept of being “naked on the black floor” must imply. The keyboard lines are definitely within the techno/industrial school of thought rather than your typical progressive-metal keys which nearly emulate the tonal qualities of a guitar.

Contrasting to the upper register vocals and keys, the guitars create the dark driving tone of the album by giving tone and shape to the complex rhythms found within each song. While the other musical elements such as the vocals, keys, bass, and drums create the multiple textures, the guitars bring the listener back to the aggressive root of the album.

Although the guitars are the dominant instrumental element, there are many points in the album where the bass guitar contributes to the ambient and techno influences with complex slap and pop style licks.

The mark of a good drummer is versatility. Versatility, or lack there of can make or break an album. In terms of Event Horizon, it is the versatility of the drummer that allows the band to flow seamlessly between metal styles. There are strong elements of natural and electronic drum sounds in every song. This makes each song unique while maintaining a sense of continuity between tracks.

Originally I had thought that I had heard the singer’s voice in other bands, but after visiting the band’s website I dismissed the idea because I didn’t recognize any of the names affiliated with the project; including two of the founding members who disbanded from the group in 2004. But what I did find that makes me respect these guys even more is a multitude of downloadable songs from their previous demo recordings. Most bands today are not willing to share their previous recordings in this way, especially for free. But unlike those uncool anti-downloading bands, Event Horizon shows an interest in sharing with the listener their steps along the way to what they have become with “Naked On The Black Floor,” their first worldwide release. The songs on the website are not the best quality recordings but will still give you a good idea of the band’s sound. I would have to say that although these demo tracks are good, “Naked On The Black Floor” kicks them in the A-double-S!

Extremely talented, complex but appealing to a wide range of listeners.

More info about Event Horizon: http://www.eventhorizonband.com.


Reviewed By: Brian Grefrath