Ever Since - Fight the Elements (Eigenproduktion) - Back
This one started off kind of funky, but when I heard the metal kick in.... cool. Ever Since is a melodic dark metal six-piece from the delightful lands of Switzerland.... thus resulting in delightful metal. "Fight the Elements" is more the less a progressive, gothic, slightly doom-laden metal experience which ignites the usage of clean and black/death vocals alongside twin-guitar melodies, melancholic keyboard atmospheres, and extremely successive and technical percussion. While Ever Since are much like other darker rock/metal bands (Mysterium, Evemaster, Dead Beginners, etc...), they still maintain distinction and definitely have at least, my attention and should probably get a lot of other peoples' attention in the near future. My favorite track on this release is "Back To Life" mainly because of the very catchy rhythms, twin-guitar medleys, maniacal vox and epic atmosphere. This song IMO is their most successful thus far and also describes the album best. I'm very fond of what I hear, even though a slightly greater use of the dual-guitar melodies could be used throughout. Remember Ever Since, I have a feeling they'll turn a lot of heads...

Rating: 81

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell