Evile - Evile (Independent) - Back
Evile, a thrash band from Madrid, Spain, have released a self-titled four-track demo. Each member is from a different country across the world…Venezuela, Spain, and England. The band hasn’t been together for 2 years yet, so they need a little time to mature as a group. But they do have certain things going for them. There are heavy riffs to bounce your head to. Some are aggressive and some riffs really shred!! Anywhere from Old Metallica to Slayer, and old Sepultura to Entombed, basically fist pumping metal. “Liar” shows the band’s most potential. Evile have some really nice parts, but for the most part they are nothing special. A few parts feel flat, as if something was missing. Maybe it’s due to no rhythm guitar during solos. It’s just the solo and the bass guitar instead. But that’s how they would sound live, so I guess it’s smart on their part. The vocals aren’t bad, but after a while they can be slightly annoying and the recording isn’t the greatest, but it’s a demo. I think their next release will probably be a better assessment of their metal worth.

Rating: 68