Evile - All Hallows Eve EP (Independent) - Back
When I think of what thrash should sound like, Evile’s disc “All Hallows Eve EP” is what I think of…catchy, galloping, thrashy riffs. The riffs remind me of a variation of Annihilator, Sodom, Slayer, Exodus, Old Metallica and Testament. Sometimes their music seems like something old Metallica would have done in between “Kill ‘Em All” and “And Just For All”. Which would make sense, since they used to be called Metal Militia and they were basically a Metallica cover band. They also remind me of an old thrash band called Midian. To go along with the thrashing madness they do squeak in a few acoustic parts. Vocals are nothing special to me, kinds of generic, but they get the job done and the music makes up for it. The solos are pretty good quality, not spectacular, but good enough to hold their own and there’s lots of feeling. Recording-wise the disc is ok, it echoes like something that came out in the late eighties or early nineties…so don’t expect a crystal-clear modern day production. These six tracks last over thirty-two minutes, which makes all songs a perfect length for thrash. Evile’s “All Hallows Eve EP” sounds like something a respectable metal label should pick up.

Rating: 81