Excessum - Death Redemption (Deathstrike Records) - Back
This new Swedish outfit has a very dark sound. Excessum perform a black metal style in similarity to early Marduk and Ancient. Death Redemption is the band’s debut release on Deathstrike Records and with this, comes 8 tracks / 48 + minutes of blackened metal. To me, this doesn't sound like anything totally redundant nor does it sound like anything exceedingly original. Maybe in time. Anyways, this particular album shows off some super hi-speed & also some near-funeral doom mid-pace bass and guitar riffs from both Daniel Contagion (also the vocalist) and Erik Dahlström. The vocals normally squeal at high-pitch with the occasional grunting... whilst I suppose, Death Redemption. In the percussive suites we have a rather "average for black metal" drum style which means that sorta kick blast with mid-pace snare hits (much like a lot of earlier death metal bands like Autopsy and Disharmonic Orchestra). Now with a new drummer (Lars Broddesson), maybe the tables will turn for the better in that department? After a few listens, this album grows on you. I really enjoy the more fast, melodic parts with those even more rare acoustic parts. If there were more of these throughout or maybe some better polishing on the kick-drums, this album is outstanding! I'm really looking forward to what the next album brings. That, on the other hand, just may be the break-through. Death Redemption is a strong debut, nonetheless. Cheers!


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell