Exemption - Raw Naked Addiction (Independent) - Back
COC and Black Sabbath certainly come to mind with Exemption’s opening track, "Gutless Wonder." There is a catch, though. This 4-piece from New York are sixteen year olds! Obviously, the youth does seem to rub off a bit. At times there are some missed beats on the kick & snare and the guitars & bass are fairly tied together with the tendency to repeat riffs too often. The vocals are like a 16-year old Phil Anselmo (granted, not his power metal days!). Not lost with ineffectiveness, though. There are plenty of great things to say. Most of what I hear is catchy. Aside from some minor tweaks, all 4 members have found some great melodies & heavy pounding riffs to wield the listener. The songs are fairly lengthy as well (from 4 to 8 minutes), but this is also only a 5-song demo. So yeah, more songs could help next time around. Exemption like to stroll through a lot of styles too. Anything from heavy metal to thrash and also alternative (or "modern rock" as people are calling it now). Mostly, I hear remnants of Pantera, Black Sabbath, COC, and even STP. However, they seem to alternate these remnants too much, making it difficult to pinpoint exactly what sort of direction within the songs they are approaching. They're far from perfect, but they don't really need to be. They're young and have a ton of years to snag a prominent position in the metal & rock world. Age considering, this is a promising effort.

Rating: 50

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell