Exotherm - Project 47 (Limited Access Records) - Back
Founded in 1998, Exotherm play a heavy and aggressive brand of power metal. Hailing from Germany, they are relatively unknown in the States. This debut release was actually brought out in 2002 as a regular CD-R, but is now distributed worldwide here in 2005. Anyways.... “Project 47” presents a mixture of styles like thrash, speed, progressive, and especially, power metal. Withstanding any genres, however, Exotherm are a bit different with their approach as it sits in a more Christian-based elemental. The German quintet sound like Megadeth, St. Vitus, and Black Label Society collectively. The vocals seem a bit overdubbed, though. I'm not sure if it's because of too much reverb (or flange-effect) or what, but the vocalist sounds as if he's singing into a tunnel. Besides that, I'm quite surprised in the quality for a debut release. There are plenty of breaks and choruses, lots of catchy riffs and beats, variations in vocals (other than the tunnel-effect), some solos and acoustic parts. Another couple of albums, these guys may well be on their way to an Ozzfest! Keep it up!

Rating: 74

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell