Extinction Agenda - Promo 2005 (Independent) - Back
This 3-song promo/demo by a band called Extinction Agenda is a very evident diagnosis for anti-trend. The members consist of only Iconslaughter (the main writer/composer) and Voltanix (ex-December Wolves) and perform thrash metal exclusively. Their approach is very much like the approach Venom and Kreator took back in the early 80's... just playing whatever came natural and extreme! Therefore, EA follows no one except their forefathers. Although this is only a 3-song sampler of what is to come, this is a great representation of old-school metal aggression. There isn't really a lot of anything in particular that this band does aside from the early 80's thrash bands, but then there is nothing that represents anything that is around these days. Confusing yet? Well, me too. I'd like to see something a little lengthier and a bit more original. Just as long as EA decide to keep this following, they should add something extra like some extra solos! Not a bad demo, though. Definitely old-school!

Rating: 69

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell