Extol - The Blueprint Dives (Century Media) - Back
Ominous, haunting, and appealing are suitable words to describe the sound and technique Extol brings with “The Blueprint Dives.” There are many different vibes and tunes, everything from harmonies to violent tendencies. I found myself listening intensely to see what direction the music took. For this release, guitarists Christer Espevoll and Ole Burud left the band due to the demanding commitment. However their old guitarist Tor Mange Glidje also of Ganglion and Lengsil along with the other guitarist from those bands Ole Halvard Sveen took their place. What that created was quite a diverse sound. It’s a blending of progressive, death, and black metal for their base, wrapped with characteristics of grind and hardcore and sewn together with their own techniques and modern rock. Trying to put a name of what type of music they play is difficult. You can hear hardcore, death, black, thrash, grind and a host of other metallic treatments. Extol have the complexity and technicality of Opeth at times along with hints of Blindside, Anathema, Green Carnation, Killswitch Engage and Neurosis. It’s hard to tell the difference between Opeth and Extol sometimes with the similarity of their riffs. Also, you can hear the melodic Deftones sound, and even Pink Floyd like atmospheres. The vocals are either clean or melodic hardcore screams. An impressive combination of metal traits takes Extol’s sound into many different directions. I felt the majority of “The Blueprint Dives” was oddly appealing due to the diversity it brought forth.

Rating: 80