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Exuviate is an interesting band because its sounds like a typical death metal band, with the classic riffs and growls like a normal old style death metal band would be. But the thing that sets them to be a little different, is the singer. The singer is female and she can growl just like any other death metal monger. I don't know if she uses something to get her voice that way, but if not, that is pretty damn impressive. This bands Self-Titled CD does have a sick sound to it, nothing really special that sets them any better then the unsigned bands, but with the help of a female death metal vocalist, it may get them going because of the ideology. There are 10 tracks on this CD that spans over 42 minutes of riffs pounding into your head. Who knows maybe some label will pick them up because of a female singer, to add to the dominion of woman in death metal, much like Jo Bench of Bolt Thrower.

Rating: 76