Eyes Of Fire - Prisons (Century Media Records) - Back
Dan Kaufman and Matt Fisher, the creators of Mindrot, have a relatively new band that everyone should be aware of, along with a new disc. “Prisons” is Eyes of Fire’s sophomore release and their music can be akin to to Anthema, Cave In, Neurosis, Isis, and Katatonia. The music has mellow acoustic parts and a loud, wall of sound feeling, to the heavier parts. It’s amazing how close they can sound to Neurosis with some of those heavier parts. Loud and full of energy but something is missing. They have long, drawn out, elements where it seems they could add a little something to it so it wont seem so featureless. It might be too repetitive as well. Many parts of their songs sound similar to parts of other songs. Maybe a little more variety in the riffs would help too. Don’t think this is a bad effort; those are just a few things that might help the band. The producer for “Prisons” is Matt Bayles (Mastadon, Isis). He did a great job with the CD. It was recorded at Grandmaster Recorders where Tool and NIN have also spent some time. The only track to truly succeed completely was “It All Dies Today.” “Gone Forever,” and “True Love” are good too. There are ten tracks of this effort along with a video for “It All Dies Today.” I can’t help but ponder what creation is next in line for Eyes of Fire. Only the future will tell.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins