Eyes Of Ligeia - A Fever Which Would Cling To Thee Forever (Paragon Records) - Back
Eyes of Ligeia was a one person band until Paragon Records offered to release the bands fifth album. After adding a few members and playing their first shows the band went to record their latest album “A Fever Which Would Cling To Thee Forever.” This is their first disc to include these new members. The recording finished on 06/06/06, which tells you a little about the band. Black doom metal would probably be the best way to describe Eyes Of Ligeia on this release. They seem to have a dark, passive writing style. It’s slow to medium paced, but still some fast paced. The depressive, melancholic riffs are the best trait of the band and are a little reminiscent of My Dying Bride. But besides that the vibe is more like Burzum, Forgotten Woods, Xasthur and Dolorian. It’s much more black than anything, in my humble opinion. The death/black vocals help voice my opinion. However, a few parts seemed amateurish, or just to simplistic. Something is lacking in those parts, even for a sludge/doom approach. A few more choice cut riffs in the My Dying Bride method may help. Though there are seven tracks and almost forty-nine minutes, the production is a little rough, almost giving this a demo sound to it. If this was sharpened a little it might help a little too.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins