F5 - A Drug For All Seasons (Deadline Music/Cleopatra Records) - Back
I really had no idea what to expect from F5 at first. Knowing what David Ellefson was involved in previously, it’s enough variation to keep you guessing. You could say that F5 has a hard rock and nu metal sound mixed with a few other elements. Don’t expect much of a Megadeth sound…if anything this maybe a little to alt rock at times for my taste. It sounds like F5 takes a little from what time Ellefson spent in Soulfly…same type of bottom heavy riffs used; the modern hard rock and nu metal guitar riffs. Bands like Machine Head, Disturbed and Sevendust will run across your mind; similar melodies and down-tuned riffs. They have the metal heaviness but can also get rockin’ pretty hard too. Vocally the band uses clean singing vocals with resonance and they tie the band together well. Everything is at least decent, and there are a few standout tracks including “Faded”, “Fall To Me”, and “Hold Me Down”. “What I am” is a cover of an Edie Brickell’s song. It has a similar style to Limp Bizkit if you put side by side to their cover of George Michael’s “Faith”. But I guess it’s a decent cover, but not what you would expect from a band with Ellefson involved. To finish off the disc there is an instrumental, where you can hear Ellefson’s bass playing exclusively over the rest of the band. It’s the only the part on the disc where it does so. He even uses a twelve string bass. Twelve songs and only thirty-six minutes, just about every one is between 2:30 and 3:30 minutes. And just as the song lengths are radio friendly, all the tracks have radio presence as well. So I would be surprised if I heard a bunch of these on the modern rock airwaves. But Megadeth fans, be aware!

Rating: 81