Falkenbach – Heralding - The Fireblade (Napalm Records) - Back
Here it is... the newest installment in the Falkenbach saga! "Heralding - The Fireblade" is the 4th album and, in essence, the 1st as well. What I mean by this oxymoronic statement is that these are some of Falkenbach’s earliest written songs, which now have been re-worked and re-recorded. This opus consists of 9 epic metal voyages through the great landscapes of Odin’s realm. It's basically half-chanted, half-screamed vocals with superb production. I doubt there are many better chanted vocals than what lie within "Havamal" or "Heathen Foray", with the exception of course, the ones from Falkenbach’s other albums! Even the more blackened tunes like "...of Forests Unknown..." and "Laeknishendr" have an exceptionally mystical feel with some acoustic interludes reminiscent of older Ulver. The mid-paced guitar harmonies meet the drumming criteria of the album texture almost perfectly. Much of the actual music has a black metal feel with some very catchy rhythms and guitar solos. Alongside some of the most avant-garde keyboards and stellar album photographic artwork, this release portrays the band as they have always meant to be. Although, I have never actually seen a band photo.... oh well. Fans and media alike shall not be disappointed if blackened Viking sagas has your keen interest. This is an enormous marvel within the ever-expanding metal scene!!!

Rating: 95

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell