Fall of the Leafe - Fermina (Icarus) - Back
The band Fall of the Leafe has tried a little bit of a new approach to their music in their latest effort "Fermina." They have steered away from their typical death metal style vocals. Only a few times are they even heard, and have been replaced with harmonies and even a majestic sound to Hanninen's voice. Fall of the Leafe has a great writing ability and it reminds me a little of Amorphis. A couple tracks on this nine song album I think are excellent. "Counterfeit Bloom" has a great riff in the middle of the song and it's very aggressive. My favorite track on this disk is track seven, "Fermination, Smooth and Fine." The harmony in the chorus of the song is quite majestic and possesses incredible power. "Blind Carbon Copies" is another good track, that stands out in a field of pretty decent tracks. I was a little startled when I first heard the changes they did, but I think they have progressed in a good direction.

Rating: 85