Fall Of The Leafe - Aerolithe (Firebox Records) - Back
Around 10 years in the making are Finland’s Fall of the Leafe and here is their 6th output, “Aerolithe.” At first listen, I found the intro somewhat reminiscent of the August Wernicke album followed by a rather plain and boring second track. Then... the rest of the album to follow seemed as if it were the lesser remnants of the great Vantage disc that emerged out of nowhere just 2 years ago. Indeed! Many listens later... it still seems like a less intense and less rock n roll groove-laden Vantage. Although, I was kinda happy to hear some death vocals return and the music picking up some speed on a few tracks. The fact that Vantage kicked everyone in the balls from start to finish, it sorta spoiled this new disc. The expectations seemed suddenly higher only to hear a disappointment. To be honest, though, Aerolithe is still a great disc and not really a disappointment at all. Perhaps it was just that the synth on this disc shows up higher in the mix than the last. Perhaps it was that Tuomas' voice just can't get much better now. Look at all the good things from this disc... nice prog. rock feel, great vocal mix of mostly clean and death style where it is necessary, still heavy as fuck, faster and lyrics that tend to lean in a less abstract style this time. If I didn't criticize the album a little, it would be boring. Basically, this album may take time to grow on you as opposed to the last disc. Definitely a noteworthy top 10 contender, though!


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell