Fear Factory – Archetype (Liquid 8 Records) - Back
After Fear Factory’s demise there seemed to be an emptiness in metal, as if there was a very important piece missing. When I heard that “Archetype” was coming out, it made me anxious. Not only were they back, but they have claimed some of the glory of their early days. “Archetype” sounds like the album that should have come out after “Demanufacture.” The riffs make you want to beat on someone, they use their classic jack hammering riffs and machine gun like double bass. In my opinion this is their best CD since “Demanufacture.” This disc is more dynamic musically than they have ever been. They have definitely matured in their short time off from the band. There isn’t a bad song on “Archetype” so it was hard to figure out what were my favorite songs. Personally I enjoyed the heavier tracks better, like “Drones” and “Corporate Cloning.” “Slave Labor,” “Cyberwaste,” the title track “Archetype” and “Undercurrent” are also mind altering. Fear Factory ends this disc with a cover of Nirvana’s “School.” If you were disappointed by any of the last couple albums, you might want to check this out, its much more aggressive and a hell of a lot heavier. I’m sure every fan of Fear Factory will be more than happy they are back, and that they are still kicking everyone’s ass!

Rating: 91