Fear Factory - Transgression (Liquid 8 Records) - Back
Well... is it safe to say that Fear Factory have a successor to "Archetype"? My first impression when hearing "540,000 degrees......" was disappointing, but I gave it a chance and heard "Transgression" in it's entirety. This is a much different album than the last, but the LA natives have made the structures very interesting. Everything isn't just non-stop double-kick drums, power-chords, and sampling. There are a lot of melodic parts with references to Devin Townsend, Helmet, and even Anathema! Check out tracks like "Echoes of My Scream" and "Supernova." With references like these you wonder.... hmmm, really? I dunno, I really like the first two albums much more. Unfortunately, I don't believe we'll ever hear "Soul of a New Machine" part 2, I do believe there is promise in the newer material. It's very abrasive material if one allows it to consume them. There are a lot of aggressive, familiar parts on this album too. Hail to "Spinal Compression," "Moment of Impact," and "Transgression"! It does seem that from album to album Fear Factory are becoming lesser of an underground thrash/death metal band (let alone the older "death" metal tones). "Archetype" was a much better output, in my opinion. But, Fear Factory still rocks nevertheless! Transgression has 12 tracks (including U2 and Killing Joke covers) and around an hour of music. This is for those metal fans not afraid of slight change and for those ol' die hards!!

Rating: 77

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell