Fighting Warriors - Dextera Dei - The Tales Of Iarus (Independent) - Back
When I first saw the demo cover, I thought, here we go again, another power metal band without any worth…on the contrary, I’m surprise they aren’t signed to a good label! This was pleasing to listen to. Most prevalent is the female vocals, similar to Anneke of The Gathering. The vocals are awesome…her passion and feeling are can be heard all the way through. She doesn’t just sing, she soars! Musically they are power metal but also somewhat progressive too, think Stratovarius, Rhapsody, and After Forever. With a total of four songs over twenty-five minutes, this Italian band has something going for them. The three main tracks are over 6:00 minutes each, and they are quite in-depth. But the first track is an atmospheric track that kinds of sets the tone for the disc. It’s mostly keys with both male and female vocals… it’s really more of an intro then anything. Production quality is pretty clear but a little cheap sounding. If the guitars were a little louder, and the keys balanced a little better with the other instruments, I would dig this even more.

Rating: 83