Filii Nigrantium Infernalium - Fellatrix Discordia Pantokrator (Procon Media) - Back
Filii Nigrant--err--- what? Not only is the name of this 4-piece Portuguese dark metal band nearly impossible to pronounce (let alone- spell), the logo and song titles are all backwards!! Anyways, I'm not about to read the tracks off to you. There are, though, 9 tracks and about 45 minutes of excellently delivered heavy metal in a blackened form. The music pretty much covers an entire spectrum of underground bands, while still feeling a bit anxious, the vocals are some of the most desperate Bethlehem-ish style vocals heard this side of the thousandth paradox (??- exactly). Meaning, in general, this shit is totally archaic from a vocal standpoint. From a musical standpoint? This is some very compromising stuff with loads of thrash riffing and old-school death metal elements. Don't look for a band ripping off an older band, though, because it still mixes lots of elements together forming..... well-- Filii Nigrantium Infernalium!! Yeah!! I actually wrote it without any problems!! Saying it is another challenge. My favorite track is 5 ("Morte Geométrica".... I believe?), which displays that classic Possessed-style sound with those disturbing wail / screams from the church of Satan or who the hell knows where they came from?!?! This is very, very innovative with lots of aggression and some classy melody. A strong balance of old-school and new-school. Fans of bands like Bethlehem, Possessed, and maybe even Sadus or Celtic Frost will thrive on these guys! Just keep the crazy vocals in mind.....


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell