Finntroll - Ur Jorden Djup (Century Media Records) - Back
Finntroll has dazzled the metal world for years now as one of the pagan folk metal leaders. Their fifth studio album, “Ur Jorden Djup,” continues this dominance. The intro sets the mood for the disc with ominous beats and a mystical aura, and the entire disc has a more evil presence than their last disc “Nattfödd.” These six Finnish metalheads seem to use more black metal attributes. Each track has multiple quality ingredients, making this whole disc thirst-quenching. The drums are impaling, and rhythmic like being hit by a sledgehammer repeatedly on your skull. New vocalist Vreth provides abrasive vocals, and I believe some singing. The guitars are ripping, blistering and griping. Surrounding this album are shadowy and lively musicscapes with atmosphere of a misty twilight. Within this darkened madness you will also find folk chanting, banjo, mouth harp, and keyboards. Taken together, they have come to characterize this band and how they work well with the multiple layers of music and tempo changes. The eleven tracks almost an hour in length was recorded at Sonic Pump Studios. Nino Laurenne’s expertise was used as producer (Ensiferum, Amorphis, Nightwish). There isn’t a weak track on this composition, except maybe the last track that is listed as thirteen minutes. To me it seems to be two parts separated by silence. Probably used more for effect than anything else though. Quality tunes include everything else with “Korpens Saga,” “Nedgang,” “En Maktig Har,” “Ormhaxan,” and “Makteus Spira” amongst the bands best creations to date. “Ur Jorden Djup “ is another great release from the blackened polka named Finntroll.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins