Flesh Divine - Necropolis (Perennial Quest Records) - Back
This is some very disturbing stuff. Flesh Divine, a French quartet, presents us with their first offering known as "Necropolis". Necropolis is a very conceptual-ish musical endeavor through the likes of death metal, dark-guttural Horror/ambience (which is the element that probably throws me off the most), and even some traditional music here and there. I'm not sure what to compliment and what to criticize... it's very upsetting at times and methodically clever at others (with some female vox). The music isn't really too technical, but some of the arrangements throw you for loops with the traditional and ambient passages intertwined. So in a sense, it's technical in a different way. Some pretty decent tracks I heard were "My Story", "Cold", and "End of Time" so there is some good... but a lot of mediocrity. I guess they would have a sound of their own... unique is a blatant word for this - more like sparse (meaning no one has come up with any specific genre for these guys yet). Flesh Divine does not exactly delight me, but they do have a lot of creativity! For fans of Argentum, Long Winters' Stare, or maybe even Devil Doll to a small degree... hell, you have to hear it for yourself to understand. Mediocre, but mainly death metal-oriented.

Rating: 63

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell