Forest Of Impaled - Forward The Spears (Red Stream) - Back
Here we have the American black metal quartet known as Forest of Impaled. "Forward the Spears", being their third opus, delivers a much punchier and sophisticated offering than their predecessors. Of course that's not exactly saying that they don't have that somewhat "raw-cold" black/death metal feel. They do have that, but they have a bit of a death metal raunchiness as well, making them more interesting than most. The title track, Forward the Spears, displays a well-rounded tightness of the band. From the typical intro sample to mind-blowing aggression to a bass interlude to more samples to more mind-blowing aggression and back again to sword-play samples which goes right into the next track!! Definitely a more mature approach this time around. I've always thought of Forest of Impaled as a rather low-budget black/death metal band with little to offer. I stand corrected yet again. Fans of early-Morbid Angel, Deicide, Marduk, and of those speed-derived sorts, will be pleased with what they hear!!

Rating: 84

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell