Forest of Impaled - Demonvoid (Red Stream) - Back
Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Forest of Impaled, slams into the metal scene with yet another release. This opus, "Demonvoid" plain and simple, kicks major fucking ass. Forest of Impaled have put together an album that is definitely one of the best brutal death/black metal albums in the last few years. The sound and fury on this album is basically untouched by anything that comes to mind. Nine tracks cover over 30 minutes of metal having a fit, encompass this CD. There is not one bad song on this CD, but the few that stand out above the others are "For Ours is the Kingdom (Desecrate the Heavens)", "II Diabolisis (The Seventh Dominion", and "Demonvoid". If you want to find out more about this band, check out their website at Just as everyone should check out their CD, you should also check them out love. Something that good on CD has to be great live as well.

Rating: 95