Fragments Of Unbecoming - Skywards - A Sylphe's Ascension (Metal Blade) - Back
I am always interested in the marvels of new music, specifically if it has anything to do with Swedish death metal. These newcomers however, hailing from Germany I do believe, possess the Swedish trademark melodies alongside such bands as Dark Tranquillity and Carnal Forge. Fragments Of Unbecoming’s second offering, Skywards, transcends technicality and melodic speed as their main essentials. Songs like "The Seventh Sunray Enlights My Pathway" and "Scattered to the Four Winds" pretty much retains the early 90's style melodies in full force, while still unfolding an originality that shouldn't be ignored. With death shrieks & acoustic interludes throughout the album, therein lies a promising piece of metal mastery! Check 'em out!!

Rating: 88

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell