Frankenshred - Evil Shred (Independent) - Back
An interesting name for an interesting band. Frankenshred is an all instrumental band that basically shreds up a storm. For people that are not familiar with shredding music, its your typical heavy metal that basically has solos all the way through the songs. So there is no doubt that these guys can play. They have their own style of shredding, different then other soloist like Yngwie Malmsteen, Greg Howe or George Bellus. They are a little more groove orientated and the other bands members, bassist and drummer seem to be more involved then your typical shredding band. The only thing that sets these Phoenix, Arizona natives is their production quality. Bands on Shrapnel Records such as for mentioned Greg Howe or George Bellus have the supreme recording ability that leaves Frankenshred a little behind because of the slight sloppyness of this album. But if you are really into instrumental shredding bands you will like this CD. You can get more info at their website at or listen to some of their sound files at The band have played before Tony McAlpine, Lynch Mob and Sacred Reich, so they are definitely appreciated by some amazing musicians. Maybe in the near future Frankenshred will stake their claim on the metal scene but for now all they need to do is create more music to be produced by Shrapnel Records.

Rating: 73