From Zero - One Nation Under (Arista) - Back
Nu Metal has pretty much became an excepted part of metal, sometimes shunned, but never the less, it's except. From Zero is another band that is in this genre of metal. I get sick of all these bands sounding alike, and just writing crappy music in general. But From Zero, seems to have taken a different road. They do sound similar to Sevendust, but it's a refreshing sound to hear after the fifty million bands that sound exactly like Korn or Limp Bizkit. This bands seems to have a step up from the majority of the Nu Metal bands. You can listen to their music, get into it, mosh if you want, nod your head, and not have to get tired by the same old thing. There are some good songs on this CD, and two that stood out more then any other for me are "Erase" and "Jeer." "Smack," "Check Ya," "Circumstances," and "Gone" were some other tracks that I thought were decent. The CD is filled with eleven tracks, and it last for nearly forty-two minutes, a good length for an album. I think these guys have a pretty good future ahead of them, as long as they don't fall into the whole, following the most popular metal bands.

Rating: 84