Frozen Shadow - Hantises (Holy Records) - Back
When you think of Black Metal you think of Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden and Finland). Now people might think of another band and place that stays cold the majority of the year, which is the French Canadian band, Frozen Shadow, from Montreal, Quebec. This is what you should expect for black metal. It has the traditional black metal sound, not anything that is too polished like Dimmu Borgir. “Hantisis” has an excellent riff selection and most of this disc flows nicely. Parts remind me of various bands including …And Oceans, Dark Funeral, Emperor, Dark Throne, Immortal, and Dissection. I know that sounds like a great number of bands, but they really push the dynamics of black metal. One element, the keys aren’t too prevalent. When they are there they are only used for a short period of time. It’s not a bad thing. Many black metal bands today depend on them too much. Frozen Shadow punishes their instruments on this CD. They play at breakneck speed and they can keep it together. Eight songs of over fifty minutes have given birth to a selection of tracks to sacrifice a virgin to. “As Old As Time Itself,” “Des Siécles D’Épitiaphes,” “Battered Souls,” and “Through Fields of Mercilessness” are great and only show part of what this band can do. Fans of black metal, that can appreciate the tradition style, should enjoy this disc quite a bit.

Rating: 75