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Full Scale has Nu metal and modern hard rock written all over it. First off, they are from Melbourne, Australia and they have similar traits as Sevendust, POD, Disturbed, Stained, Papa Roach, Dope, System of a Down. It’s quite a diverse sound for a Nu Metal influenced band. The band works well together to create heavy metallic riffs mixed with straightforward riffs without distortion; or calming riffs, mostly during choruses. This self-titled album was produced by Jay Baumgardner (Papa Roach, Sevendust, Helmet) and can explain some of the similarities of the previously mentioned bands. Henceforth, this CD has a commercial sound and a radio presence. However, one thing I did notice was, it seems that they try to be more metal than they really are, which also make them nothing out of the ordinary. Many bands are on that metal/hard rock balance beam. I didn’t care for the Nu metal rock ballads as much as the harder tracks. All they need is some time for their song writing to mature. Though this is not that bad.

Rating: 74