Fury - Slavekind (Independent) - Back
In 1997, the band Fury traveled 1100km to record their first album. Then the band decided to relocate and they moved 500km to Adelaide. After all that moving and a few years later Fury has recorded their third CD and it is called "Slavekind." Like their previous music it is straight ahead thrash somewhere between the sounds of Pantera and Scatterbrain. At times this disk gets you going like a sixteen piston engine and at others like a banging door in a breeze. The eight tracks on this disk are average songs, nothing really special except for the moments they put everything together. Of the thirty-one minutes on this disk, I pulled out a few songs that I thought were decent and they include the title track "Slavekind," "Lies," and probably my favorite "Of This Insanity." Fury is proud to be a thrash band, when the majority of metal bands these days are not. That shows that these guys are playing what they want, and not being distracted into something they can't relate to..

Rating: 71