Fury - Stigmatised (Independent) - Back
It seems that these days that more metal bands are coming out of the country of Australia. Fury, another one of these bands, takes a similar, but different approach then most of them. They have the sounds of your typical metal band, like Testament style. But unlike other bands from Australia they incorporate death metal and hardcore influences, and it makes their music almost like a deathcore band. It's different then most bands, it's hard to describe who they really do sound like, so I give them credit on that. The songs are good on this four song MCD, but they seem to lack direction. They have some good riffs but they seem to not be carried out to their full potential. The two songs that I thought had the most potential are "Fallen Ones" and "Excuses." The songs on "Stigmatised" last almost fourteen minutes. They have the right idea, I just hope they can get their band going in the right direction, or they might end up as just another metal band that sound like they want to be hardcore. Lets see what they do for their next CD.

Rating: 71