Future Leaders Of The World - LVL IV (Epic Records) - Back
A Buffalo quartet called Future Leaders of the World has released their debut album. “LVL IV” (Level Four) has sounds that many people might recognize. You can hear Nirvana, Chevelle, maybe a little Weezer and Linkin Park in their music. The sound that is created is mostly their own, but sometimes they sound like this century’s version of Nirvana. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t have the whole sound that Nirvana has, but when you add the screaming vocals its almost as if Phil Tayler has channeled the spirit of Kurt Cobain, it so weird, its scary! It’s like Kurt doing something new with a more developed direction and sound. Many of the songs show the potential of this band. They can put you in a rhythmic trance; you can’t stop bobbing your head. Not many bands effectively use the acoustic guitar with the heavier songs; not only can these guys do that but they are well rounded, work sound together, and they benefit each other. Topping that off they had GGGarth who Produced Rage, Chevelle and Mudvayne. The effects they use in their music are similar to a psychedelic reverb sound that Korn sometimes uses. I prefer the songs that use fewer effects and that are more straightforward, rockin’ out songs, but many good albums have some songs to get your blood pumping and some to chill to. Their lyrics actually have moral meanings that include the environment to the war in Iraq. You can say the lyrics are quite intelligent. It was hard to pick the top tracks of this disc. “Spotlight”, “Let Me Out” and “Unite are all quite good. “Let Me Out” has the tone of a song that could receive plenty of airtime. It has lots of feeling, catchy guitars, a great beat, and powerful vocals. The chorus sticks in your head! The lyrics “Twelve Shades of Gray…” are a great way to start the song “Unite.” A few more songs that are worth mentioning include “Sued,” “House of Chains,” and “For Sale.” Those songs all show reasons why these guys were signed. Even though this is their debut CD, it should take them a long way.

Rating: 78