Gaia - The Final Question (Independent) - Back
There is tons of crap going on within the music of Gaia! By tons I mean technical rhythmic guitars, solos, Jazz bass-style choppiness, exceedingly dynamic drumming, and layer on top of layer keyboards. "The Final Question" is a 3-song demo EP standing around 15 minutes playing time. It is definitely a Jazz-fusion / progressive metal sound. The vocals are mainly female (Dominique also plays guitar) with the occasional grunt thrown in (assumably, Federico or Mark). There are some classical acoustic guitar parts on here as well, which will undoubtedly give this band a lot of attention from labels. Like I said, there is so much going on here and so much quality therein that it would be sick for Gaia not to get signed! As ridiculous as this may sound, they still need a little work. What I mean by work, I mean actually slow the technicality down a bit. You guys are making my head spin something like the band Scholomance used to make me do. It isn't technical like Necrophagist or anything, but there are a lot of keys mixed into the equation that seem to override the listener. For real, though, if you're into Aghora, Cynic, and so on.... you may want to watch for Gaia in the future...

Rating: 71

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell