Gaia Epicus - Satrap (Sound Riot) - Back
“Satrap” is the name of the debut album of Gaia Epicus. If you took different elements of Stratovarius and Helloween and combined them, you would almost get their sound. This disc is very intense for melodic power metal, almost relentless. Speed power metal would be the best way to describe it. It has very thrashy elements as well as the melodic parts. Its as if a band like Stratovarious exchanged their guitars with an eighties thrash band; it’s a nice deep distortion sound. Not only is this a very intense melodic speed power metal band, but they are also heavier then just about any other band that approach metal in their way, almost Nevermore or Iced Earth heavy (when they play heavy distortion riffs). The musicians complement each other; they are well rounded. The one part that could use some improvement is the vocalist. Thomas Hansen’s vocals are a little flat at times. If he could concentrate on the guitar, and grab a vocalist that can hit some of those critical notes, the band would improve as a whole. “Satrap” has a few good tracks that should get power metal fans going. “Heavens Gate,” “Inside the Storm,” and “Cyber Future” are the best songs in my opinion, “Star Wars”and “Freedom Calls” are worth mentioning as well. The production of “Satrap” is sounds similar to Metallica’s “Kill ‘em All.” Not the whole album, just certain riffs, and sounds. Overall, they seem to have things going in the right direction, it might be to your benefit to visit their website ( if you like powermetal.

Rating: 78