Gaia Epicus – Symphony Of Glory (Sound Riot Records) - Back
Watch out!! A stampede of metal riffing is out of control and galloping your way! Gaia Epicus is probably one of the heavier sounding bands that can be considered melodic, progressive power metal. This is mainly due mostly to their power /thrash metal sound. And yes, that includes the ever-famous galloping riff sound that many power metal influenced bands use, like Iron Maiden. An ingredient that bands can’t deal without! On “Symphony Of Glory” those riffs might be a little heavier and a little faster than the norm. As I said in the review for their debut disc “Satrap”, Gaia Epicus remind me of Stratovarius and Helloween with heavier elements from bands like Iced Earth and Nevermore. They still have nice melodic elements as well, but nothing with the vitality of their galloping riffs. It will leave you craving for more. But, the Melodic choruses can be catchy too, and you’ll want to sing along while you pump your fist in the air. Their sophomore release gets a thumbs-up in my book…ten track and over fifty-two minutes of melodic metal. Gaia Epicus have improved, they should continue in the same direction and there will probably more quality material to come.

Rating: 81