Gaia Epicus - Victory (Epicus Records) - Back
This metallic quartet from Norway was formed at New Years Eve's party as it changed from 1991-1992. Years later, and after a few name changes, the band changed to its present name Gaia Epicus in 2001. Since then the band has released a couple albums and “Victory” is the band’s third full-length album. These guys have a heavy power metal punch. You can hear influences from power metal, thrash, and traditional metal throughout this CD. The guitar-work is pretty good – from melodic to heavy, and the decent solos have fervor. It seem that they are more thrash oriented than before, which isn’t a bad thing. Vocals are pretty normal and have a bit of a thrash grimace to them. These eleven tracks and almost forty-seven minutes only took fourteen days to record and mix. That shows the professionalism with Gaia Epicus…reminds me of King Diamond’s quick, proficient job in recent years. “Victory” was recorded and mixed at TopRoom Studios, and mastered at famous Finnvox Studios (Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica) by Mika Jussila. All lyrics and music by guitarist/vocalist Thomas C. Hansen; he produced it as well. Famous metal artist J.P Fournier (Edguy, Avantasia, Dragonforce) created the cover for the album. There are handful of tracks that are good with “Awaken the Monster,” “The Sign,” and “Rise of the Empire” being the strongest in my humble opinion. Breaking up the album are two instrumentals that last about a minute and a half each. They show some nice layered guitar work for their rather short duration. Different sound than most of the other songs, with acoustic guitar and bass leads, and a calm feeling, but sound as good as the rest of the disc. Gaia Epicus continues to improve with their disc “Victory,” and if they continue this trend then we should be in for a treat with their next album.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins