Given With Honor - The New Beginning Is Gone (Recorse Records) - Back
Well, where should I start! I can keep going and going about Given With Honor and “The New Beginning Is Gone.” One moment they sound like Amon Amarth, then Hatebreed, then Kataklysm, then The Dillinger Escape Plan, it’s mind-blowing! They remind me of Shadows Fall but more extreme. The band uses a similar combination of hardcore, Swedish death and thrash. Brutal heavy riffs, fast melodic riffs, and arpeggios all give you tons of energy and adrenaline. There are very dramatic riffs with tons of feeling. The beat and breakdowns are what pit fans thrive on. I’d love to be in the pit busting some heads when this band is playing. Given With Honor is another band hardcore and death metal fans can fight over in the pit. It’s a grand album to listen to when you need to get your aggression out. The musicianship is stellar. These guys know how to get the most out of their songs including a fluid metal sound through most songs. Screaming hardcore/death vocals are excellent and a singing vocal that is good most of the time, but can be a little weak. Eight tracks and thirty minutes of music that once you play it, you can’t get enough. There aren’t a few good songs; there is a collection of them! “Everything Is Better On Fire,” “The Weight Of The World,” “On Broken Wings,” “Peacemaker” and “Tri-State Shooting Spree” will all kick your ass and the rest of the tracks are better than what most bands can do. It would be smart for everything to check these guys out, you would be stupid not to. I have a feeling this disc is going to be in my CD player for a while!

Rating: 93