Glenn Hughes - Building The Machine (SPV) - Back
"Building The Machine" is the latest solo album from Glenn Hughes. People know Hughes mostly from his work with Deep Purple, virtually becoming a star over night. He has also done some work with Black Sabbath, but his main effort probably has gone into the solo albums that he has done throughout his music career. His last album came out last year and was entitled "Return To The Crystal Karma." Like his last album this album is a mix of his favorite types of music, rolled into one. Expect anything from Hard Rock to Funk, and Blues to Eighties Rock, and much more on this CD. Personally, this music isn't may favorite thing to listen to, but it does grow on you a little, and you can tell that he is really enjoying what he's writing and recording. He definitely likes to rock out. Not to mention the talent put forth to create such an album. I picked out a couple songs that I like the most on this album, and they include "Can't Stop The Flood" and "I Just Want To Celebrate," which is a cover of a Rare Earth song. There is also a cover of "Highball Shooter" a Deep Purple song, which makes sense why Glenn did a cover of it. "Building The Machine" has a total of eleven tracks on the CD, for around fifty-five minutes of music. I couldn't really tell because the CD I received didn't have the last song on it. Which is ironic because it is Glenn's favorite ballad on the disc. Anyhow, this disc is better then his last release, lets just hope he continues in this direction.

Rating: 73