Glenn Hughes - Return Of Crystal Karma (SPV) - Back
Most people know the name Glenn Hughes from the band Deep Purple. Now after listening to this, you would be surprised at time his roots actually were. This CD travels all around the genres of Hard Rock, to Funk, and Eighties Rock. For sure though, "Return Of Crystal Karma" is not a metal CD. At times some of the music sounds like Life of Agony, but most of the CD is not even close to that. I was able to pick a few songs that I thought were decent on this CD and they where "Midnight Meditated," "Gone," and an instrumental called "Owed To ‘I'." The instrumental song reminded me a lot of Dream Theater type music. Now, this CD also came with a second CD, with live recordings from Sao Paulo, Brazil. These six live tracks didn't do much for me, neither did the main album. The songs are written well, but they just don't interest me. The main CD was 10 tracks on it, and lasts about 50 minutes. Not a bad length CD with 10 songs, that is if you don't get bored while listening.

Rating: 59