God - Hell & Heaven (Khaeotica Productions) - Back
Once a cult gothic metal band now Viking/ pagan metal with a touch of gothic/doom, God graces us with their latest chapter, “Hell & Heaven.” Yes, the band’s name is God. God damn are they good! I can’t stop listening to this disc. The layers of music keep you entertained and fulfilled over the five songs twenty-six minutes plus on this MCD. Their songs dance up and down the frets of the guitars and nice drum patterns fill you with energy. The keys work well with the other elements. I almost want to hear them more. More atmosphere probably could add to an already impressive resonance. Being that the band is from Portugal it shouldn’t surprise you that they have traits reminiscent of Moonspell. They also have a host Viking / folk metal band traits like Finntroll, Ensifirum, and Himinbjorg. Other doom/death laden parts remind me of Novembers Doom and Amorphis. As you listen to the Viking metal parts you feel the pride in the choruses. It grabs you. The variation in the vocals from gothic/death/doom vocals and death/folk/Viking vocals is quite striking too. They work well. All tunes are good, and they even have a folk like jam with acoustic guitars, keys, rhythmic drums and folk/gothic vocals. So what are you wait for the second come of Christ? Well don’t…this is the second coming of GOD.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins