God Dethroned - The Lair of the White Worm (Metal Blade) - Back
Continuing onward with their war versus all, God Dethroned once again vanquish in 2004! With "The Lair of the White Worm", the Swedish quartet enter exactly where "Into the Lungs of Hell" exited. Bombastic and melodic aggression accompanies catchy death metal craftiness like that of early-90's bands did. This release is a little bit more direct than any of their previous efforts. Not that their songs are any shorter or lengthier, but the lyrics appear to be more personal this time around. This, I would imagine, is what adds to the further aggression. Tracks like "Nihilism" and "Rusty Nails" remind me a lot of the material from "The Grand Grimoire", while "Sigma Enigma" and "The Grey Race" are pretty much the style that was heard on the "....Lungs of Hell" album. I like the album artwork and layout a lot more this time around as well. A thumbs-up to Jacek and Mr. Schuster! Overall, it's another grand grimoire - haha! There is no reason why any death metal fan shouldn't pick this up!

Rating: 90

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell