God Dethroned - The Toxic Touch (Metal Blade Records) - Back
On God Dethroned’s “The Toxic Touch” the intro/short tune that starts off the disc, sets the mood immediately for the evil that follows. Melodic death-riffs will slowly rip at your face, and the impaling brutal riffs will completely rip you to shreds. These thrashy death riffs really get your attention. Some of these riff are super intense. They make you want to beat the crap out of the person next to you! There are some blackened melodies on “The Toxic Touch” as well. They can be fairly entrancing. All of the solos on the record are done with passion too. That’s something many other bands neglect these days. The lyrics for the choruses are quite good, and are just the topping on the cake. “2014” is an amazing tune. I hope I get to see them play it in an upcoming show soon. The dynamics work perfect. It has a great chorus that is powerful and melodic, and also super heavy crunchy death riffs. Sweet! There are more tracks like this on the disc, but not brought together quite as well. This style is similar to what Hypocrisy does at times. “Away From Emptiness” is quite a melodic instrumental for God Dethroned. It’s somewhat of a surprise for me. Overall, the first half of the album seems to me more heavily loaded, with good songs and heavy riffs, but there are so many catchy riffs on this album that there are no bad tracks. Another first-class album from God Dethroned!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins